Providing health care for women by women

Klamath Women's Clinic is a full-service women's clinic, offering women's primary health care, gynecology, obstetrics, lactation, doula, and perinatal massage therapy. At Klamath Women's Clinic in Klamath Falls, Oregon, our dedicated, experienced, professional team specializes in providing comprehensive women’s health care that is delivered with sincere compassion and concern. 

We offer complete care for women, starting at adolescence, providing expert care personalized to your needs. We partner with you to ensure that you receive the proper care and treatment that will help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

You are invited to join our growing generations of women in an atmosphere where your health comes first.

We welcome you to Klamath Women's Clinic.


Give us a call at 541.205.6262, email us, or visit us to be on your way to a healthier future!